My LaTeX Workflow

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In this overview post, I collect all my other blog posts regarding my LaTeX workflow. I will explain my LaTeX setup, the editor and PDF viewer I use, as well as my spell checking configuration. A further post is about my literature management. Finally, I list a few more helpful tools for creating LaTeX documents.

In research, we spend a lot of time writing LaTeX. We write and edit research papers for journals and conferences, lecture notes for students, proposals for grant applications and many more. As we spend so much time in LaTeX it makes a lot of sense to spend a few minutes getting to know the LaTeX tools we use all the time, configuring them correctly and maybe even replace some of them.

This wraps up the survey of my LaTeX workflow. I hope you found these blog posts helpful and they contained a few tools you are considering to use.

Do you have any other tools that might fit in my workflow? Please tell me on Twitter! I will update the article and add new ones as my workflow evolves. So check back regularly or subscribe to my RSS feed.